beware of geese

We are the IBM RTP Disc Golf Club. We began with a vision to put a course on the grounds of the IBM Research Triangle Park campus. Specifically the fitness center grounds. After some planning, we started with driveway markers with balloons tied to them. We quickly found this solution to be ineffective. We replaced the balloons with dollar store clothes baskets (still atop the driveway markers). This sufficed until some funds were provided to make something a little more heavy duty. We made fence posts with 4" x 24" PVC pipes attached at the top. The object through these first three iterations was to simply hit the object to hole out.

We spent almost a year fine tuning the layout with the PVC poles as they were easily moveable. Eventually, we were awarded some funds through IBM's SpaceMakers program. Thanks to this, we were able to replace the PVC poles with actual DiscCatcher tournament quality baskets in late 2017. We'll be constantly looking for ways to improve the course.

We need to give a huge shout out to the Fitness & Recreation Center including Chip Davis, Will Pack and especially Jeneea Jervay-Bush. They have been instrumental In getting us as far as we currently are and continue to help us above and beyond.